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B2B Flyer Delivery and Distribution Service
Flyer Distribution to Offices and Business Receptions

Distribution Pricing & Schedule

Please note - the schedule may change at any time due to customer interest. Please book in advance to lock schedule.

Distributions can be delayed due to weather and other circiumstances.

Area Delivery Schedule Require Flyers by (COB) Units Required Map Sample (GPS) * Legend
November 2018  
Norwest Business Park 19 November - 7 December 16 November 600 Review Walker Tracking Map
December 2018  
Castle Hill Business Park 10 December - 14 December 7 December 450 Review Walker Tracking Map


 : Distribution is scheduled and will proceed on schedule. Bookings are currently being taken.
 : Planned distribution that is still subject to changes. Place your booking to 'fix' this distribution run into schedule. Enquiries about alternative distribution zones are still accepted.
 : Current, commenced or completed distribution run. Bookings not taken for these distributions.
 : Enquiries to reserve this distribution run are currently being taken.


$480+gst regular price per run (unless specified otherwise)
$450+gst per run (discount rate 3 deliveries+ for any areas)
$380+gst per run (discount rate for 3 months+ bookings for all areas)
$350+gst per run (discount rate for 6 months+ bookings for all areas)

Booking Form

Please download booking form here.

Accepted Sizes

DL, A6, A5 or A4. A4 not required to be folded.

Deliver To

Please contact us for delivery address or pickup.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is not currently available due to 2G Network having been shut down.